Sploofus Eliminates Teams

February 21, 2005 · 0 comments

Sploofus “permanently eliminated” all team play today, in a move designed to make the site a more positive playing environment. In addition, team play was incompatible with most versions of WebTV and AOL, and to keep it up and running smoothly for the “few” team players(there were a good many full teams, but some totally empty ones) apparently involved some management overhead.
My reaction: I didn’t have any problems with any users until team play started…then there were rumors, accusations, and a lot of petty and childish behavior from some members of other teams. I enjoyed spending a little more online time with my own team members, but I’ll enjoy competing with y’all one-on-one also. In a FRIENDLY way. ;) And anything that streamlines the site for the new owner, making it capable for them to keep the site up and running smoothly, is I think a good thing.
Long live Sploofus! See y’all on the monthly leaderboard! (If I can stop losing challenges, that is…hehe)

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