Financial Woes for Sploofus as their Sponsor Disappears

February 2, 2005 · 0 comments

I received an email today from Justin Morton, the founder and President of Sploofus Trivia Systems. In it, he stated that his site’s exclusive sponsor (the Federal Employee Service center, at had not paid Sploofus in 60 days and was not responding to his phone calls and emails. As such, he has removed their information from his website, concluding that they must “no longer wish to sponsor Sploofus…{and} they just decided not to tell me.”
Justin stated that the program was incurring $1,000/mo in expenses just for the servers and that he was paying the vast majority of it out of his pocket, but he would be unable to continue much longer.
“Right now it is do or die time for Sploofus. I am losing sleep trying to conceive ways to keep things afloat,” Justin said. “If I can get more people to join, and more GOLD memberships, things should level out. Until then, I am in a bad spot because I have no money to issue prizes.”
The press release issued by Sploofus on November 18, 2004, stated, “When asked about the decision to become the exclusive sponsor for, Kathy Galvan, co-founder of the Federal Employee Service Center, said ‘We are very excited to sponsor a great website like Sploofus. We feel that everyone needs a break from the day to day grind, and Sploofus offers a wonderful diversion. We look forward to a long partnership with Sploofus.’

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