Paid to Read Email Programs – Part Four: My List of “Keepers”

January 11, 2005

“Okay, I want to try out some of these paid to read email programs. Any you can recommend?” As a matter of fact, yes! And thanks for asking!

How many PTRs have I joined in the last 1.5 years…and out of those, how many have gone under, or have I quit because they didn’t pay reliably or they were impossibly slow earners… Ugh, I don’t even want to think about that. Instead, here are some sites that I HAVE had good experiences with and that I will continue to use. No guarantees, y’all — these could shut down tomorrow, who knows? Invest your time wisely!
But for what it’s worth, here’s Becky’s List of PTR Keepers, from the home office in beautiful southeast Louisiana:
1. CashForAction, NetsReward, and DollarForAction — these three sites are run by the same folks and are set up the same: there are no clicks onsite, emails contain one link only and are generally for 1c. They occasionally send points emails; points convert to cash automatically the next month. These sites have NO minimum payout but you do have to request it between the 1st and 5th of the month, and they pay within a week. Around 75c a month in earnings is realistic for each, much more if you complete some of their special offers. (Have been paid 9 times since 9/03 by CFA; 8 times since 9/03 by NR; 3 times since 7/04 by DFA, the newest site.)
2. EmailsForAds — This site sends both point and cash links; point links can be redeemed for ads. The minimum to cash out is $5 and last time I cashed out (12/28) I was paid the same day. Links are around 1/2c each; earn generously from your downline. The site recently added the ability to earn for shopping. Great customer service from a super-nice site owner. Occasional riddles for prizes; a PTC (paid to click) section on the site. (Have been paid 5 times various amounts from $3.69 to two $11+ payouts since joining in 5/03.)
3. — Earn 2.5-3c per day in around 3 emails with links of about 1/4c. A little tedious (all searches), but it pays monthly automatically with no minimum payout. (Have been paid 14 times in 14 months.)
These 3 (well, really 5) are my Keeper List. I have accounts with a couple of other sites that have recently become iffy (payouts have slowed) that I can’t really recommend right now. And I have one new site that I hope to add to my Keeper List but since it’s new, I don’t know yet (Mesmerizing-Mails, with no minimum payout).
I will update my Keeper List as time goes on, but this is it for now.
Good luck, everybody, and have fun!

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