Sploofus Adds WordRounds Game

January 6, 2005 · 0 comments

Updated, 1/8/05
Sploofus (see my initial review here or click here to join) has just added a new game, WordRounds. The way it works is, each hour you can play up to ten 10-question vocabulary quizzes. All players are ranked on accuracy and speed. The top three scorers every hour are awarded points (3,000 to #1, 1,500 to #2, 1,000 to #3). NOTE: As of 1/8, the amounts awarded have dropped: Unsure of #1, but #2 is worth 750 points, and #3 is worth 500 points.
This could be a REAL game-leveller for those of us relative newbies who have not yet built up big balances. A couple of 3,000-point wins could make a big difference in the monthly Leaderboard stats.
Tips: 1) READ FAST! After you do the first 2 or 3 questions, start scrolling down and read the next question AS it scrolls up your screen. 2) Go with your gut instinct. People are going to make 100%’s just by guessing…the question is, who’s going to get them faster. 3) Obvious answers are often right. It doesn’t look like they’re throwing in tricky answers (yet!). 4) If you need to make a quick guess, rule out the obvious wrong answers. Then take a look at the suffixes of what’s left. If they’re looking for a noun, you can guess that generally a word that ends in “ly” is not going to be a noun. Use what you know of language to make informed guesses.
Good luck, everybody! And if you have any tips of your own, please respond in a comment!

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