Sploofus.com – New Rewards Program Review

November 22, 2004 · 0 comments

The full review of this program is upcoming but here’s what I can tell you so far:
Sploofus.com is a rewards program that offers points for correctly answering trivia questions. Membership is limited to one per IP and you must be 18 or older. The program just started in Sept. 2004 and as of this writing there are just over 1600 members.
You receive a trivia question by email each day. Correctly answer 10 of these daily questions and you advance to the next level. Levels get progressively harder but you earn more.
Each week you get a Showdown Token, and you can use it to challenge the person just ahead of you in the rankings. You’ll both be given the same question and the first person to answer it, within 7 days, wins. If you win, you get 10% of the challengee’s points (but the challengee doesn’t lose any). If you lose, the challengee gets 10% of YOUR points (you DO lose those).
Each time you advance a level by getting 10 correct daily answers, you also get a Wager Token. This allows you to make a wager on your daily question — get it right, get the extra points. Get it wrong, lose both the points AND any points earned toward your next level.
You can also earn points for referrals or submitting quizzes (get 10 points each time someone takes your quiz!).
What do you do with all these points? Well, the top 3 folks in the different rankings (monthly, speed, level, and category) win GCs, and you can also use points for lottery tickets — there are two drawings a month for 10 monthly winners.
Ready to join Sploofus.com? C’mon down! Click here and join the fun!

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