MyPoints’ Holiday Shopping Bonus…Pathetic!

November 13, 2004 · 0 comments

MyPoints just sent out an email advertising its “Holiday Points Extravaganza!”… You have GOT to be kidding me!
They want you to shop through their Points-Per-Dollar Merchants through December 31, and if you do, they’ll give you an additional bonus in FEBRUARY. The bonus structure is as follows:
Spend $100 – $499 and get 150 bonus points
Spend $500 – $999 and get 350 bonus points
Spend $1000+ and get 750 bonus points
Okay, this is wrong on so many levels. Where to begin?
First off, MyPoints’ points-per-dollar offers are generally very low rebates to begin with — 2 points per dollar = a 1.82% rebate. 3 points per dollar = 2.73%. 4 points per dollar = 3.64%.
Not only are they low percentage rebates, they are low compared to what other rewards programs pay for the same merchants! Before you shop, go to and find the merchant you want to shop with in their alphabetical list to see what other programs are paying. You’ll see that once you convert those points per dollar offers to %, it’s easier to compare… and MyPoints usually just plain SUCKS!
Now to further insult you, MyPoints is offering these bonuses based on your total purchases through Dec. 31. Let’s convert those, too. 150 points is worth about $1.37. That’s the bonus they’re going to give you for spending almost $500 of your money through them! Spend between $500 and $999 and they’ll give you a whopping $3.19 bonus (350 points). Whoa, hold me back! But if you’re a really big spender and you spend over $1,000…you get a $6.83 bonus!
How the heck is that an “Extravaganza”?
Lemme give it to you straight, folks. MyPoints is a great program for those big flat-rate point offers. I LOVE the “500 MyPoints Daily for Any Overstock Purchase” offer. It credits overnight. It works on a purchase of a single media item. You can MAKE money with that deal. But the points-per-dollar offers at MyPoints are pretty sad, percentage-wise. They just don’t think you’re going to do the math and compare them to other programs and find this out.
You’re going to do much better doing your holiday shopping through They have a much higher rebate percentage and they tell you what you earn STRAIGHT UP in percentages, rather than trying to hide it with paying in points. You can cash out to Paypal with no minimum cashout requirement and get paid THE SAME DAY, or you can save up for GCs like Amazon and Disney Dollars. Not only will you earn more for your purchases, but frequent shoppers get bonuses on top of THAT! So, skip the points-per-dollar “Extravaganza” at MyPoints (what a load of crap) and earn more with EVERY purchase at QuickRewards.

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