500 MyPoints Daily for ANY Overstock.com Order!

October 29, 2004 · 0 comments

Update: I’m not sure if the offer’s been pulled, if they’re reworking it to exclude media-only orders, or if it was just < 24 hours since my last order, but this morning (11/1) after placing a one-book-only order I got this message: "This award has expired. No Points can be awarded at this time. (Most Point awards are available for a limited time.) For hundreds of other Point-earning opportunities, please visit the Earn Points page. If you received this message in error, please try again. If you continue to experience difficulty with a valid Point award, please contact Member Care and mention the name of the offer." So this may be a dead deal. Try it at your own risk now!
I am RACKING UP at MyPoints by placing a small media-only order each day through their Overstock link in Department/Megastores. The wording of the promotion makes it sound like media-only (that’s books/music/videos/magazines only) orders don’t qualify. They don’t qualify for the free shipping on a $60 order offer, but they do qualify for the 500 points per order daily! And shipping on a single media item is just $1.40, cheaper than their flat-rate shipping on other items!
Have spent $22.40 on 5 orders…4 orders of a single book, one order of two CDs. Earned 500 points for each for a total of 2500 MyPoints, which is the equivalent of $22.73. I’m actually making a profit of 33c on my five orders! And they’re Christmas presents that I would’ve bought anyway. I’m happy!
If you’re not a MyPoints member yet, please read my review and consider joining!

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