Somebody, Buy MyCokeRewards a Calculator. Or a 7th Grade Education.

January 30, 2013 · 0 comments

This morning I was going on my merry way, looking up things to post on the CompareRewards Facebook page, and I wanted to see what the MyCokeRewards Wednesday discounted redemption was.

It’s not a bad deal if you’re into online casual games:  get a 6 month Club Pogo membership for 100 points, versus the usual 500.  But THIS really shocked me:  Coca-Cola can’t do simple math.

According to MCR Math, a prize that was 500 points and is now 100 points is “75% off.”  They say, “You save 75%.”  No, it’s not, it’s 80% off, as they should have learned in seventh grade:

400 point savings / 500 original price = .8, or 80%.  Or if it’s easier for you to think about this way, saving 80% means that you’re paying 20% of the original cost.  500 points x .2 = 100 points.

Maybe MCR thinks that “75% off” sounds better than “80% off.”  (Um, not to me!)  Or maybe somebody in the marketing department skipped seventh grade.

I’m glad their math erred to the benefit of the member, but for those of us who are entering these codes 3 points at a time, a 5% difference, 25 points in this case, means 8-basically-9 three point codes they were off.  That’s a pretty big deal.

Love MCR, but as a numbers person, this really bugged me.

Snag that 80% off Club Pogo six-month membership today if you’re interested.  Magazine subscriptions remain my favorite redemption there — for example, a one-year subscription to All You for 333 points is worth around $20 (plus you’ll save a bundle on the coupons they include in every issue).  The $.10 per gallon of gas savings from Shell Fuel Rewards Network for 40 points isn’t bad (wait ’til you’re on empty to fill up and you’ll save around $1.50 on average for that 40 point investment — more if you have a large truck or SUV).  Another decent MCR redemption is their $5 e-GC for Domino’s Pizza at 250 points.

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