BeFrugal Improves Member Benefits, Adds Merchants

December 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Last month was my site’s annual rewards/cashback chat, and I’m always grateful for the participating rewards sites’ prize donations and their willingness to spend time answering questions and discussing upcoming promotions with my chatters.  At the same time, I’m also hopeful that the programs in attendance take the opportunity to really listen to the honest feedback they receive and use it to make program improvements.

In the weeks since this year’s chat, I’ve spoken with BeFrugal‘s Jon Lal on several occasions, and he’s been quite receptive to tweaking some aspects of the site in response to suggestions made during the chat.  In fact, he’s already implemented a couple of these suggested changes:

- All coupons on the site are now guaranteed to work or else you’ll receive $5, no purchase necessary (previously, only coupons marked with a checkmark were guaranteed, and members had to complete the purchase with the non-working coupon in order to claim the $5 credit)

- Their 125% highest cashback guarantee now applies to one claim per eligible store per member, with a maximum credit of $25 per transaction (previously, the wording was confusing and the maximum credit was $10)

In addition, the site continues to add new stores to its 3,000+ cashback stores list (with the addition of about a dozen stores in the past week or so).

.Jon is working on a couple of other recommendations made during the chat, and I’ll bring those details to you as soon as they become official.

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