Sunday’s Chat Summary

September 21, 2004 · 1 comment

Thanks to those who were able to attend Sunday’s chat with Bonnie of and! Also in attendance were Dmitry of and Chris of – that’s right, three program owners in one chat!
If you weren’t able to make it, here are some of the things that were discussed:
Bonnie is working on changing the colors at CttM as well as eliminating some redundancies on the site. She’s also going to be changing some of the graphics to make the site faster to load. And, trivia will be coming back to CttM very soon!
Bonnie noted that there is no longer a requirement of 3000 points for your first redemption. The cheapest redemption is now 1100 points (for a $5 Disney Store GC)…and 200 different redemption options (nope, that is NOT a typo!) will be added soon! She admitted that redemptions are backlogged but says she is working feverishly to catch up and hopes to be caught up in the next week.
One of the neat features on her site that you may not have been aware of is the Wish List. You can receive points for mailing in items like Kelloggs Kash, Healthy Choice UPCs, ePloids, Pillsbury Points, BoxTops for Education, and much more!
All three program owners discussed the problems they’re having with user purchases not crediting. If they don’t get credit for the user’s purchase, they can’t pay the user his shopping rebate. Here are some of the causes the owners gave:
1. The user may have used a coupon he received from another site. Sometimes these coupons will attach your sale to a different affiliate than the rewards program…so you would get the coupon savings but not the rebate from the rewards program – Solution: Always email the program owner to see if they have access to a similar coupon to what you found elsewhere.
2. The user may have a cookie from another rewards program or deal site on his computer that may have precedence and override his sale going through the rewards program – Solution: Clear cookies before you make your purchase through a rewards program.
3. The user may have “scumware” or “parasiteware” on his computer, like Ebates’ MoeMoneyMaker or MyPoints’ PointAlert. If you have those programs installed, and you try to shop through a different rewards program, your rebate may go elsewhere (or nowhere at all) – Solution: Uninstall this junk asap! Run the program AdAware (the newest version of this free download, released on 9/17, is here) or PestPatrol (a free download available here) to remove this junk from your machine.
I think those were the highlights — I’m forgetting something, please add a comment! Thanks muchly to Bonnie, Dmitry, and Chris for taking the time to talk to us, and thanks also to the users who came with their comments and questions! It was fun and informative!

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Marc September 22, 2004 at 1:17 pm

I always use Ebates’ MoeMoneyMaker and I love it, because sometimes I will go to purchase something spur-of-the-moment and forget to check Ebates or another reward program to see if I can earn points. But I always make sure MoeMoneyMaker is set to NOT automatically forward me, so I can choose to go through another site if I want. I do sometimes have a problem with my preferences changing back to automatically redirecting me, but I just fix that and click thru from the program I want to use. I seem to be getting all my points… at least I hope I am!


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