Best Cyber Monday Cashback Rates

November 26, 2012 · 0 comments

Who has the best cashback shopping rates for Cyber Monday?  My money’s on Swagbucks, at least from 6am to 9am PT (that’s 9am to noon ET) while they offer Triple Swagbucks!  After that they’re doubling all day as they did on Black Friday.  Although they don’t have as many participating stores, in many cases their Double Swagbucks shopping promo on Black Friday met or beat Ebates, who doubled 500+ (not all) of their stores’ cashback rates for BF and is doing the same promo today for Cyber Monday.

Even taking Swagbucks and Ebates’ promotions into consideration, I found higher rates on MrRebates on more than one store I checked, and FatWallet also is very competitive with their cashback rates.

This is my advice, for those looking to grab a deal fast before it goes out of stock:  don’t sweat whether you’re getting the absolute best cashback rate in the heat of the moment, because you may miss out on the deal altogether.  If you’re shopping through ANY cashback site, you’re getting something back, and something’s better than nothing.

If time’s not a consideration, then shop around and see where you’ll get the higher rate.  My go-to sites for cherry-picking the highest rates:

1.  Swagbucks for the Triple Swagbucks promotion going on now and after that 3 hour promo expires, their Double Swagbucks Cyber Monday promo.  You can cash out for as little as $5, in 30 days or less.

2.  Ebates for the Double Cashback promotion on Cyber Monday.  They have great rates to begin with, and they provide a full listing of coupon codes for all of their stores.  Downside is that they pay quarterly, but they do give you a $5 bonus when you sign up and make your first purchase through them.

3.  MrRebates, for the Santa’s Extra Cash Back promotion (like Ebates, increased cashback at over 500 stores plus they provide coupon codes).  They have a $10 cashout minimum, which is a little higher, but they also have a higher signup bonus when you join through my link ($7.50).

4.  FatWallet, the sister site of Ebates, which has high rates and no minimum payout for PayPal, though there is a 90 day or so pending period you have to wait through.

5.  Extrabux, which is different from the rest in that not only are they a cashback site with competitive rates but they also have a product price comparison engine which helps you find the lowest price for an item taking into consideration coupon codes, tax and shipping, and cashback.

Shop through any of these five cashback sites and you’re going to be just fine in a pinch.  If you have time to compare rates and shop through the site with the highest rate for your store, these five would be the best ones to check, IMHO.

Keep calm and earn cashback!  Have fun shopping online this Cyber Monday!

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