New Jingit Ad (GE Light Bulbs) and Jingit Transitions Away From Facebook Logins

November 21, 2012 · 1 comment

There are two new updates today from Jingit — first, the news everyone was hoping to hear, which is that they’ve finally added a new Jingit ad — hopefully a daily, because this was available for me ONE day last week but it didn’t return, and that’s a $.10 ad for GE Lighting (their new, non-swirly incandescent light bulbs).

The other interesting tidbit of news is that Jingit is requiring members to create a non-Facebook login for their site.  They imported your email address in from Facebook when you created your FB-linked account, but at login today they prompted me to create a new password, with the following message:

“Transition Your Account

For your security and better privacy protection, Jingit is transitioning accounts away from Facebook. If you have not created your Jingit password, start the transition.”

According to the note on Jingit’s Facebook, this was for two reasons.  First, it was to provide better privacy protection (before, your FB login was basically the login to a financial account…I wouldn’t feel comfortable using FB to log into my checking account, for example).  Of course, we’re assuming here that Jingit’s internal security is pretty solid.  I see they use an https:// link, so that’s something, at least.  Second, this move was also to allow access to Jingit to those who do not use Facebook, opening up the program to more potential members.

The transition took all of one step:  providing an alternative password.  We’re talking 5 seconds here.

What I like about the change is that it appears to have a persistent cookie that keeps you logged in.  I clicked on some formerly-working Jingit ads this morning to see if they were still paying, and I wasn’t prompted to log in again as I had been in the past.  THAT is a definite improvement.  The windows did not pop up at Walmart, either — they redirected to Jingit, which was kinda interesting.  (The old ads are no longer available, just fyi.)

So I see that they’re trying to improve the program, and I like the fact that they’re still partnering with a major national brand (GE).  I haven’t been to Walmart lately to see if the WM check-ins are still going strong but will do that today.  That’s me, taking a hit for the team, going shopping at Walmart JUST for you!  ;)

Jingit check-ins on Black Friday at Walmart would be interesting.  And insane.  Hope they don’t push those… it’s chaotic enough at Walmart on BF as it is!

Editing to add something new I noticed in re-reading their email:  “Earn Online at Blogs like Lori’s – Don’t have a smartphone? You can earn instantly online with great brands at our partnering bloggers’ sites.”  The destination link didn’t work, but I am really intrigued by this idea.  I assume bloggers would pay Jingit, who’d share a cut with members for visiting the blogger’s site?  You’d have to wonder about the quality of the traffic you would get.  But it’s a new and interesting idea.  Is Jingit considering this because they’re having difficulty finding major players to partner with and they need to keep some kind of earning opps up to maintain interest in the program?  Or is this just a new addition to their current business plan…?  Will watch to see how this evolves.

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Ginger Jones November 24, 2012 at 1:35 am

I’ll be digging back in to get some earnings going this week. I have to go out anyway. :) Enjoyed the update.


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