Submitting SixQuestions Quizzes? No Plagiarizing!

August 31, 2004 · 1 comment

I got an email from Adam at SixQuestions today about some issues he’s having with another trivia site. The SixQuestions program lets you earn points redeemable for GCs when you play games, complete offers or polls, refer friends, or submit quizzes. Some SixQuestions members have been submitting quizzes they’ve cribbed from other places, and one trivia site is complaining about it rather vocally. Yes, submitting quizzes to SixQuestions is a great way to earn points (10,000 points for each one published!), but please don’t swipe quizzes verbatim from other trivia sites!

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scott humphrey January 9, 2005 at 8:17 am

saturday i logged on to sixquestions wagered and the site kept my friggen points and never showed me the questions. today (sunday)(1/9/05) i wagered 63 of my last points on “EASY RANDOM QUESTIONS” AND THE SAME FRIGGEN THING HAPPEN. I WENT BACK TO THE HOME PAGE NEVER SAW THE QUESTIONS BUT LOST MY POINTS AND IT SAID I ANSWERED 0 out of 6 this is no way to run an operation. Iam very angry and dissatisfied. I am from and still live in DA BRONX AND HAVE SEEN PEOPLE GET KILLED FOR CHEATEN. FURTHER MORE I WILL NEVER VISIT THIS DIRTY LOW DOWN THIEVEN SITE AGAIN ANDRECOMEND THE SAME TO EVERYONE ELSE


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