Ebay Cashback is Back! Here’s Where to Earn It

November 17, 2012 · 0 comments

Just in time for my annual chat tonight, and no doubt because of the resounding success of my eBay boycott (lol!), Ebay cashback is back, at least through December 31st!

No matter which cashback site you shop through, these restrictions are in effect — no cashback for:
- eBay brand gift cards
- Real Estate
- Giving Works or other charity auctions
- any auctions won through a sniping service.

Good advice:  MyPoints notes that you should disable the eBay toolbar if you have it installed, so it doesn’t interfere with your cashback — this is wise no matter what rewards program you use, so go uninstall any and all toolbars!  And MyPoints also mentions that eBay has a 7-day cookie, which means that if you click through one of these rewards programs and make a bid on an auction that ends in over a week, you’ll need to click through that same program again within 7 days of the auction ending, otherwise cash back won’t credit.  Most auctions are 7 days or less so this wouldn’t apply.

Here are the details for the different rewards programs offering cash back for eBay:

MyPoints is offering 3 points per dollar (worth around 2.2% cashback) across the board with the exceptions of zero in the real estate, auto, and travel categories.  I’m sure they’re going to have the global exclusions of Giving Works/charity auctions and the purchase of eBay brand gift cards, but they don’t spell this out.

Ebay Cash Back at EbatesEbates is offering 1% or 1.5% cashback in most categories, except for 2% in Music, and 3% in Books and in DVDs & Movies.  They also put in additional restrictions:  limit $100 in cashback on any single transaction in Ebay Motors or in the Business & Industrial category, and limit $50 in cashback on any single transaction in Coins & Paper Money.  And if you’re thinking of ripping them off somehow (buying fake auctions from a friend or something), they also put in a clause saying that “cash back is only paid on legitimate transactions.”  Please don’t cheat and screw this up for all the rest of us!

FatWallet is offering 1% cashback across the board as long as your winning bid originated after clicking through from their site.  Their additional restrictions include no cashback for Make an Offer purchases, eBay Motors, or eBay Business.

MrRebates is offering 1% eBay cashback across the board as long as you originate your bid or BIN through MrRebates.  Their additional restrictions:  you can’t get cash back for buying the same item number (I guess if something had multiple quantities available?) more than once in a 60 minute period, no cashback for “Make an Offer” purchases, and no cashback on any items purchased using eBay’s own internal rewards program.  They add that if a purchase doesn’t automatically credit to your account, they will not be doing order investigations and manual credits.

At the current time, these are the only four cashback programs I’m aware of that are offering cashback for eBay.  Hopefully others will follow suit as permitted.  Nice holiday shopping perk, especially on their eBay Daily Deals which offer free shipping, too!

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