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Greenpoints Program Review – Updated 10/07
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Date Launched: Feb. 2000
Reward Per Dollar Spent: 20 Points (except FTD is 100)
Minimum to Redeem: 2900 for merchandise, 4900 for GCs ($5)
Prizes Offered: GCs, merchandise
Earn Points For: Shopping, signups, offline grocery shopping (see site for details), apply for and use Greenpoints Mastercard
Limit One Account Per: US resident 13 years or older
Dollar Value of a Point: Approximately $0.0013 for GCs, varies for merchandise
Value of those Free Points: N/A
Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents:
20 Points Per Dollar = 2.6%
100 Points Per Dollar (FTD only) = 13%
1. Points are charged for shipping/handling on merchandise.
2. Greenpoints DOES allow you to transfer points to another user’s account if you’ve been a member for 30+ days and made a purchase.
3. Greenpoints WILL zero out your points if you do not earn or spend points in 24 consecutive months.
4. Customer care contact phone number for Greenpoints: 1-800-435-5674.
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updated 10/07

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