Swagbucks Cuts Cost of Redemptions, Removes Monthly Cashout Limits (Except on $5 Amazon)

November 6, 2012 · 0 comments

Through the end of 2012, Swagbucks is making it easier for members to cash out:  they’ve reduced the number of Swagbucks it takes to cash out for all gift cards (except for the $5 Amazon GC), AND they’ve eliminated the monthly max on the number of gift cards you can request (again, except for $5 Amazon which stays at two per month).  As before, you can only cash out twice a day at most.

If you were accustomed to redeeming for PayPal, you should know that they are phasing out the $5 and $10 PayPal redemptions, but the $25 PP one will remain in place, at 2,500 Swagbucks.

At least for the time being, this makes calculating the value of a Swagbuck a lot easier.  Except for $5 Amazon (450 SB), all $5 redemptions will be 500 points, all $10 gift cards will be 1,000 points, etc. , so for the most part, you can assume that one Swagbuck = 1 cent.

That makes it really easy to see what you’re really earning on Swagbucks:  a 1 SB poll = $.01, a 5 SB code = $.05, 6 Swagbucks per Dollar for shopping at Walmart = 6% cashback.

Big thanks to Swagbucks for making the system clearer for all of us, for letting us cash out more often every month, and for NOT increasing the cost of the $5 Amazon redemption from 450 to 500 to be consistent with the other $5 GCs.  :)

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