Memolink Spams, Violates CAN-SPAM Act

July 22, 2004 · 0 comments

If you hate spam like I do, you wonder sometimes who in the heck is responsible for it? Well, one company decided to do a study and find out.
During the first 6 months of 2004, Mike Adams of signed up for the services and/or newsletters of 1,057 “well-known online organizations” each time with a unique email address, to see how well they dealt with user privacy issues and their compliance with CAN-SPAM.
He found that over 2/3 violated CAN-SPAM by not providing an unsubscribe link and/or by failing to clearly identify the source of the email.
HOWEVER… of the 1,057 online organizations he surveyed, ONLY THREE engaged in actively spamming (“high volume commercial emails and an unsubscribe function that didn’t work”)…And guess who one of the infamous three might be?
Imagine that.
The full text of ArialSoftware’s report (VERY interesting reading) is here. The other two spammers were and, BTW.

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