SixQuestions Offers Shopping Rewards

July 17, 2004 · 0 comments

The SixQuestions paid trivia program has begun offering rewards for shopping. They don’t currently have a lot of merchants, but all awards are flat-rate (per purchase, not per dollar). The amount varies per merchant. Obviously the best bet here is to make a very small purchase. Some suggestions:
An $8 subscription to Redbook or Esquire will get ya 20,000 points (from MagazineWorm)
Sealtest Non-Dairy Creamer (from CoffeeForLess) is $8.20 shipped and will earn you 20,000 points
Makeup bag “Kipling Nerve” (from eBags) for $5.59 shipped will get ya 25,000 points
What? Haven’t joined SixQuestions yet? Read my review here and join!

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