New Amazon Cashback Departments at Ebates and FatWallet

October 18, 2012 · 0 comments

As I’ve mentioned before, Ebates and FatWallet (owned by the same parent company) have an exclusive relationship with Amazon that allows them to offer cashback on Amazon orders, unlike all other rewards programs, prohibited from offering any kind of incentives by the Amazon affiliate program’s TOS.

The catch:  cashback is only available on certain Amazon departments, not across the board on all orders, and Ebates and FatWallet vary the cashback-eligible departments from time to time.

New Amazon cashback categories were announced in email today for Ebates members, and I don’t receive mails from FatWallet but am fairly certain theirs changed recently also.  The latest:

Ebates members will receive 3% cashback on Amazon purchases in the categories of Halloween candy, healthy snacks, and in the Amazon Instant Video and MP3 stores.

FatWallet members will receive 3% cashback on Amazon purchases in the clothing, shoes, and sports & outdoors departments.

Neither site tells you when the cashback-eligible departments will change again, so if you were planning to place an Amazon order in one of these categories, you should hop to it fairly quickly.

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