Jingit Tip: Smores Ad is Every 3 Hours

October 9, 2012 · 1 comment

Earnings on Jingit have slowed way down with the end of their Box Tops for Education ad campaign, and zero ads now available on the main Jingit.com website.  They’ve added some additional UPC scanning opportunities at Walmart, and they’re doing a promotion where the first person to do one of those scans when they go live will receive $50.  However, the only two Jingit ad campaigns that I’m aware of are Elmer’s Glue (for $.12) and Smores (for $.20).

A tipster on Facebook shared a great tip that I didn’t know:  the Smores ad becomes available every 3 hours.  It’s just $.20 a pop, but if you remember to click it several times a day, you may be able to score over $1 a day vs. the $.32 from just watching the Elmers and the Smores one once daily.

“Is it really worth the time and effort?”  Depends on your internet habits and your financial situation.  If you’re in front of the computer a good bit every day, $1+ a day = $30 or more a month.  That may be movie tickets you couldn’t afford any other way, or some other perk for your family.

I strongly suggest that people not rely on the income from any rewards program for paying bills or buying groceries.  I’ve been at this stuff for a while — CompareRewards.com turns 11 years old next week, and I was a diehard rewards program user for several years before I started the site.  These programs come and go.  What seems like a sure thing now may not be there next week.  Don’t invest more time into a program than you’d mind going unpaid-for.  If you need guaranteed income, go get a job with a real paycheck.

That being said, Jingit has a lot of buzz, some deep-pocket investors, and it allows you to immediately transfer what you’ve earned onto a debit card issued by U.S. Bank that you can use immediately.  I recommend transferring your earnings over daily.  Keeping money in any program to “let it build up first” is a decision that time and time again I’ve seen people regret.  A bird in the hand…  yada, yada.

If you’re not a member of Jingit yet, please join here – thanks!

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Marcie October 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Ewwww, great info. :) Thanks again for keeping us updated. You ARE the rewards guru! :)


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