Link to a New Jingit Ad (Kraft Smores) and Jingit Payment Proof

September 18, 2012 · 0 comments

Announced on their Facebook page yesterday, there’s a new Jingit link up for Kraft Smores.  There were two videos up as of this posting, for a total of $.40.  Remember to check it daily, along with the links on the blue popup when you visit for Box Tops and Elmer’s Glue (then go back to log into Jingit directly to watch any new ads posted there).  Don’t forget to use the phone app to check in at Walmart, and if you buy any of the products you scan, you’ll have a chance to check in at home for $1 (once per participating item)!

Jingit Payment Proof - Click Me to JoinA lot of people want to see payment proof before joining a new program like Jingit — here’s mine.  I’ve earned $25.24 in the two weeks since I joined, but they withhold $2 to cover the cost of issuing you a debit card.  (They actually have your name embossed on it and everything, and you can select a PIN to withdraw the cash rather than just using it as a prepaid card.)

You can read my full Jingit review here, with all the program’s pros and cons.  My bottom line is that you should go ahead and join now as it’s a new program and it’s in a growth phase.  At some point the earnings will decline as they try to reach a sustainable business model, but for now, it’s a quick and easy earner.

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