PromoSquad Review

June 24, 2004 · 12 comments

Can you earn prizes for listening to and reviewing music? Sure ya can! Read on for my review of PromoSquad!

PromoSquad Review
Please click here to join.
Date Launched: 2000 (?)
Reward Per Dollar Spent: No shopping reward
Minimum to Redeem: 250 points
Prizes Offered: Merchandise (CDs, pens, CD-Rs, DVDs, some electronics) and eMerchandise GCs
Full Prize List:
Earn Points For: Completing polls, reviewing music, referrals, submitting news stories
Participating Merchants List: N/A (No shopping reward)
Limit One Account Per: ?
Dollar Value of a Point: Unclear because redemption is for merchandise but seems 1500 point level prizes are worth around $13, so 1pt = $0.008667
Daily “Free” Points: 5pts per song, occasional polls, and 1pt for each artist reviewed in Fame Gauge
Value of those Free Points: Unclear but around 4c per song reviewed
Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents: N/A (No shopping reward)
Notes: Site seems directed to teens but there’s nothing to keep us old folks out. Very fast to earn low-level rewards.

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Foxylady February 26, 2005 at 11:07 am

So, again I send a message trying to get an answer to messages that I have sent during the last few weeks regarding ordering prizes.
I have 5000 points and am ready to order a prize, however can find no answer as to how to place an order.
Could someone plese help me with this information? Most of the “music” I have endured iw excrutiating, however I perservered in order to get the prize that I wanted. Now I’m there and can find no way to order.
Thank you.


Miranda March 9, 2005 at 8:43 am

To order look on the top of menu bar and go to prizes and when you see an item click on its picture and a pop up box should appear and it will say get this prize (if it’s available) but if it is out of stock it will say so in red letters. And if you are not sure if it is reall out of stock just post on the message boards there is always a few people that check it every minute and respond :-)


Ann March 23, 2005 at 2:43 am

Has anyone actually received any prizes from this program? All of the prizes I click on are “unavailable” as soon as I have enough points to redeem for them.


jw April 8, 2005 at 2:27 am

You have to catch the stocks usually on Thursday around 5 or 6 pm. But since they have capped one prize a day you can usualy manage to scarf up a prize on 2nd day. I have received everything I ever ordered and it has been in wonderful condition. The magazine scripts are longer than oter prizes as far as shipping out. I ordered rolling Stone and got it in Jan 05 but am really happy with it! This site is a great site but if youlive ouside the US borders you can not order prizes due toshipping costs . This is one of my favorite sites on the net. I hope you enjoy it and the members are really cool. Every site has a few obnoxious posters but all in all you will meet great people here.


TrFstPtch April 28, 2005 at 10:59 pm

Restocks are now happening once every 1-2 weeks, on random days at random times. I’ve been a member there for a little over a year, and have received all prizes I ordered (Mean Girls DVD, Glowing Fish Toy, American Flag Pin, Lost Prophets CD, Holiday Lights, and a few others). This is a great site if you love music. You can rate your favorite artists and also are able to listen to new music – while earning points for doing it.
It is very easy to earn points – you can get 250-400 points out of the Fame Gauge each week. Sometimes there are bonuses like 7-points per song you rate (the normal rate is 5 points).
The message boards are helpful and fun because almost everyone is very nice. If you like music, I highly recommend this website.


Kari May 16, 2005 at 11:02 pm

I ordered a 25 pack of CD-R’s. I didn’t receieve what I ordered. I got a 25 pack of DVD-R’s. I know that DVD-R’s cost more money but my computer is not compatable to burn on them so I need to either get rid of the DVD-R’s or get a burner that is compatible to burn on a DVD-R.


cloud January 27, 2006 at 4:32 pm

I mailed them because after the first day I was not able to hear songs any more, has that happened to anyone?


sam February 1, 2006 at 3:14 am

does anyone know of any other sites like this?


Sandy May 5, 2006 at 2:19 pm

I have been a member on promosquad for years now – and yes, you most definitely can get very cool prizes – I can’t even remember all the things I have gotten from them over the years – CDs, DVDs, an iPod, a speaker set, an amazon gift certificate, music downloads, a birdfeeder…the list is really big. I have friends on it too, and they also have gotten lots of great stuff.
It is true they can be a little slow some times with getting you your prizes, but you know it’s free (they don’t even charge for shipping), so I don’t mind waiting.
And besides, I really love listening to new music before its on the radio, and I think it’s pretty cool to be involved.
- Sandy from Texas


grace June 9, 2007 at 12:10 am

Just discovered this site today. From one day alone, I have already accumulated a total of 1200 points. Plus there is some really good music on there from well-known artists. It’s exciting to be able to hear new material so early. I have a feeling I’m going to be using this site for awhile.


Daniel October 15, 2007 at 3:13 pm

i have an account with over 25000 points its in the 26k and im willing to sell it for $125.00 anyone intrested send me a email


christina June 6, 2008 at 12:50 pm

I signed up with the site at the beginning of this week, and instantly loved it. I already have almost 900 points, but now I’ve run out of songs in the jukebox and can’t seem to get anymore. I’ve even taken the polls and stuff, but now its boring.


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