$1.92 in Jingit Videos Up Now

September 11, 2012 · 0 comments

I’m singing the praises of Jingit pretty loudly lately, because it’s such an easy way to earn online.  (Here is my Jingit review if you’re coming to this page directly and don’t see my review below.)

This morning, they have $1.80 worth of videos up on the Box Tops Engagements site and $.12 in the Elmers one.  Both of these links are available from the blue popup when you visit the Jingit website.

I’ve been playing around with this some and found that they add additional videos throughout the day, so it really pays to check back.  If you follow me on Facebook, I’m posting notes to go check Jingit when I find more video ads available.

My total so far, in one week of using the website and its optional phone app:  $13.80 ($11.80 after the $2 to get a physical debit card issued, which came in the mail in just two business days — lightning-fast!).  I still have some UPC scans (“check-ins”) available to do at Walmart next time I’m out and about.

If you’ve been around the block with rewards programs as I have, you know that new programs often come out like gangbusters, with a large portion of their investors’ money going toward advertising and building their membership, then over time they taper off their spending as the company tries to find a sustainable business model.  Although the company has great corporate advisors, and literally millions of dollars in start-up cash, if their advertisers aren’t seeing serious return on their ad dollars, the number of videos available and what you’re paid to watch them will dwindle.

I like getting in on a new program fairly early and surfing that initial big wave of easy earnings.  If you want to join me at Jingit, please click here.  Keep in mind, it’s free to join, but you will need a Facebook account, and ideally a smartphone so you can use their app in stores.

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