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September 9, 2012 · 5 comments

Jingit Rewards Program Review:  Is it legit or a scam?  Read on!

Please click here to join Jingit.

Jingit is a free, legitimate rewards program – not a scam – and while it’s a new program, it has great potential.

I’ve earned $8.76 with Jingit in 5 days.

Who can join:  US residents 13 or older with internet access, a smartphone, and a Facebook account (used to log in).  There are no limits to the number of household members who can join and participate.

How you earn:  Jingit pays you to watch ads online and to use a smartphone app to  scan UPC codes for featured brands in stores (they call these “check-ins”).  You do not have to purchase the products you scan.  They’re currently doing a promotional campaign with Walmart and Betty Crocker’s Box Tops for Education that allows you to earn not only cash but also Box Tops for the school of your choice.

How you get paid:  There are two options.  First, you can cash out your Jingit earnings to a prepaid debit card. There is a $2 fee, taken out of your Jingit earnings, to initially have this physical card issued and mailed to you, but once you do, it can be used online or in stores, or you can withdraw cash out of it at an ATM.  There are no monthly fees for this prepaid card.  The debit card is issued by US Bank, and they require a SSN for security purposes to verify that you’re really a US resident.  You may instead opt to use your Jingit earnings for music downloads.

You can transfer money earned in your Jingit account to your debit card up to 30 times per month (transfers of under a buck are okay as long as you don’t make more than one request per day).

How much you can earn with Jingit:  Users are limited to $10 per week in earnings, but this cap is increased by $.25 for each friend you refer – up to a total potential of $15/week.  (So if you’d be so kind as to join Jingit with my link, I’d appreciate it!)  The new week starts on Sundays.

Your earnings potential is a factor of the number of ads Jingit puts up and your own efforts.  It’s up to you to remember to check Jingit’s site and Facebook account for new ads and to take the effort to go to a participating store (Walmart is the only one I’m aware of) and scan UPCs.  You don’t have to purchase the products you’re scanning, but you will be asked a quick question or two after the scan about your interest in the product and other similar items.

I have earned $8.76 with Jingit in 5 days of membership.  I spent $2 to get my debit card, so I have $6.76 in my account.  I didn’t scan all of the available items during my Walmart visit, so I could have earned more.

My Take on Jingit:

While you’re certainly not going to retire on the income from this program, you could earn enough for a free pizza a week, or a couple of movie tickets a month.  This program is new and the fact that Walmart and Box Tops for Education have partnered with them means that some serious advertisers are giving them the nod as a viable program…and hopefully that will result in even more ads and available check-ins.

The negatives I’ve seen so far:  There are some earnings opportunities that aren’t publicized well; you’ll have to kind of look for them.  Or check my Current Complete List of Working Jingit Ads;)   I’d like Jingit to push offers to you through email or push notifications on your phone, so you’ll know where they are and when they go live.  And as mentioned above, you’ll need to remember to check their website and their FB to look for new ads.

Also, I know some folks are queasy about giving out their social security number.  I think the addition of PayPal as a cashout option would really benefit this program.

I find the interface a bit clunky in that it doesn’t keep you logged in;  you have to log in by Facebook every time you go to their website or to Walmart to watch a video there.  It will start playing a video with you logged out, then you log in and have to start watching again from the start.  Also, the check-ins list on the Apple version of the app gives the address of the check-in opportunity but doesn’t spell out that it’s at a Walmart.  These are just a few technical issues that I’m sure they will finesse with time.

Last of all, the questions they ask after you watch an ad are very repetitive, and they aren’t using your answers to trigger logical follow-up questions.  For example, the questions after watching the ad for the Elmer’s Glue Back to School app ask you if you have kids AFTER they ask if you’ve taken pictures of your kids on their first day of school.  That doesn’t make much sense.

Bottom Line:

All in all, Jingit is a legitimate and fun rewards program that rewards you for your attention to ads and your interaction with featured brands. I think it has a lot of potential, and with the buy-in from Walmart and Betty Crocker, I expect to see more ads and check-ins available soon, increasing your earnings.  In sum,  I definitely suggest giving this one a try.  If you’d join with my link, I’d appreciate it – thanks!

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BS September 22, 2012 at 8:09 pm

I was in WalMart in my town of Mount Vernon,Illinois , and I was scanning items on the list, minding my own business, when the manager on duty accused me of taking pictures and told me pictures were not allowed. I said I was not taking pictures and showed him the program and that I was not taking any. He then said still not allowed, and said he would check into Jingit, I then said I can give you my phone number so you can call me back, he said no its alright, and proceeded to ask me what company I worked for since I was still in my security uniform. I filed a complaint on him with corporate, first off, why does the program say you can check in at the store by scanning the UPC on each item and get paid, yet this jagoff manager said I could not and met up with me at the front of the store like I was some criminal who stole something. Mind you I am a security guard and was still in my uniform because I had just got off work. I had to pass more background checks then this unprofessional sorry excuse for a so called manager had to in order to land his position. I am still waiting for a call from the local store on this issue since corporate is dealing with the matter, for their sake I best better get an apology and the manager gets a stern talking to from corporate on how to treat customers.


Becky September 23, 2012 at 12:38 pm

This really makes me angry. You had to have been SO embarrassed and upset! I’m glad you got in touch with Walmart’s corporate office. Have you contacted Jingit about it? They’re at support@jingit.com

You’re definitely owed an apology from the Walmart manager, and if they have any sense at all, they need to give you a WM gift card for the hassle and humiliation. There’s no excuse for their store’s management to not know about this program. And even IF you had been taking pictures, who the hell says that’s “not allowed”??? This was America, the last time I checked!

Furious for you. Please let me know what develops from this!


BS September 23, 2012 at 3:58 pm

I went ahead and posted my experience on the Jingit FB page, I’ll see what happens on that front.


BS September 23, 2012 at 5:42 pm

Update, as was expected my comment on Jingit was deleted and their support email address got kicked back to me when I sent it.


diamond March 4, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Jingit suspended my account after my daughter, son and husband decided to open an account. I was told that anyone can open an account as long as they have their own mobile phone that can receive text messages. My account was fine which I had this account from day1 of there opening of beta. Now, jingit is really being unfair about explaining why the account has been suspended.


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