Six Questions Adds Games!

May 25, 2004 · 0 comments

The SixQuestions reward program now has a games section. Their first game is Solitaire.
You’re asked to pick a wager, and you’re told in advance how much you’re paid per card (that’s per card starting with Aces and going up) and how much you’ll earn if you clear the board. Unlike any other version of Solitaire I’ve ever played, when you draw from the deck, you only draw one card at a time. Also, you’re only allowed to cycle through the deck once. If you’re stuck and can’t complete the game, you choose “Give Up” and you get credit for all your Ace-and-up cards…which helps to offset your ante. Keep in mind that if you play a card on the Ace-and-up stack, and need to move it back to the board, you lose points.
I played Solitaire a good bit yesterday and found that, while fun, it is an easy way to lose points fast. The site isn’t set up to show you more of your game history than just 10 transactions (bets and wins) — there’s no “More” button to show you back any further than that so I can’t give you exact numbers. I would say that I played at least 20 games, and I only cleared the board once. I won back my wager or a little bit more probably half the time…and won back part of my wager (but not all of it) the rest of the time. I was always able to play at least one ace down.
I tried several different wager levels. Seems like I had slightly better luck with lower wagers, but not having the data in front of me, I can’t say that for sure.
My conclusion: very fun and very addictive, but not very lucrative! If you want to play it just for fun, go with the lower wagers…and just like in a casino, have an idea in your head before you start of how much you can afford to lose (or how much you’d be happy to leave winning), then STOP.
SixQuestions has also recently added a new game, Deuces Wild Video Poker.
Not a member of SixQuestions? Read my review here, or go ahead and join here!

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