Memolink’s New Formula For Payments

May 23, 2004 · 0 comments

A user on a deal forum posted a reply sent to her by Memolink in response to a Planet Feedback complaint. It is more unbelievable crap:
I have received your complaint to Planet Feedback and I would like to explain our situation further so that there is no misunderstanding our previous email – the Memolink Prize Update, that you received. Please understand that we HAVE to try a new approach to shipping prizes. It’s either that, or close up shop and send no prizes. Obviously, we want to stay and become a healthy, growing company. To do that, we have to work down the prize orders. We are delivering prizes first to people that earn us money so that they’ll continue to do so, and as this happens, we’ll be able to pay off ALL late prizes. But this is only temporary. I should also say that you don’t have to SPEND MONEY to generate revenue. Any offer you complete that gives you more than 100 points, probably generates revenue. It’s just the Site of the Day, and Visit Websites and Trivia points that we offer for free that hurt us now and then. Those offers are to get people to come to the site once a day in hopes that they’ll do something along with those offers, that will make us a little money. Does that make sense? And again…this is certainly NOT how we want to keep things, it’s just temporary until we can get more money coming in so we can pay off the old prizes.
If you want to know the exact formula we

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