MyCoupons’ Dictatorial BS Continues

May 16, 2004 · 0 comments

A perfect example of why MyCoupons’ forum rules SUCK:
Give me a freakin’ break. You can’t even ask who rewards for a particular merchant??
Here’s the question I have: Why do they have a rewards program forum at all? So we can share trivia answers? Because if you can’t talk about shopping through a rewards program at all…that’s about all that’s left for us to talk about.
Ever see the movie The Jerk? (GREAT flick!) There’s a scene in there where Steve Martin’s character who is too dumb to be dishonest is describing what a winner in his carnival game could ACTUALLY win, out of the huge display of cool looking prizes behind him. “Anything back here! Well…anything on this shelf…well…anything between the bicentennial glass and the Chiclets…well…” Then he admits the only thing a winner could really win is crap. “Take a chance and win some crap!”
It’s getting that way over at MyCoupons. Great forum! Talk about anything! Well…talk about anything except other forums!…well…talk about anything except other forums or any other website with commercial content!…well…talk about anything except other forums, other websites with commercial content, or rewards programs that pay you for shopping!…well….
What’s left that users CAN talk about now? “What great weather we’re having!”, trivia answers… and deals for merchants that you can only shop through MC’s links for?
This is the thing. I know other forums have rules about not posting about “competitor” forums. That bothers me, being a proponent of the free market and free information and letting people choose. But that seems to be kinda a standard rule for forums. Now MC (formerly the hallmark message forum for deal-hunters) is making their rules even MORE strict and they seem intent on enforcing them. You can post rewards program trivia answers, but not discuss shopping through them?
I see MC getting to a point where their forum’s only purpose is to whore out their members…to send them out to the ‘net to find deals for MC’s affiliate merchants and come back and post about them…filling MC’s pocketbook while giving the members fewer and fewer privileges on the site. AND, I might add, NOT giving anything back to the membership.
Do you want an example of a deal forum that really cares about its membership? Why don’t you check out – they don’t push you to use their links, but when you do, they give you cash back. They’re a reward program and a deal forum combined. Read this from their FAQs:
“Why is FatWallet paying Cash Back?
Sharing is good, right? We are sharing a portion of what we earn, so you are happy here and come back again! When you first go to FatWallet

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