BeFrugal Expands to 3,000 Cashback Stores, Increases Rates to Celebrate

June 27, 2012 · 0 comments

BeFrugal recently reached a huge milestone:   they now offer cash back at a whopping 3,000+ popular online stores!  That’s a LOT of selection, an important consideration to keep in mind when deciding on a cash back site.

Of course the top consideration, in my mind, is how high the rates are at that cashback site.  I’m happy to report that BeFrugal offers cashback rates that are not just competitive but quite frequently lead the pack.

What can make a scenario like that better?  Throw in temporary cashback increases, in honor of reaching that 3,000-store milestone!

Here are a couple of rates that can’t be beat:

  • at up to 12% (best elsewhere:  5%)
  • Groupon at 10% cashback (best elsewhere:  6%)
  • Sears at up to 7% (best elsewhere:  3%)
  • Office Depot at up to 7% (best elsewhere:  5%)
  • Barnes and Noble at 6% (best elsewhere:  5%)

Take advantage of these and other high cashback rates for a limited time at BeFrugal!

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