ShopYourWay Max (Formerly ShipVantage): Free Shipping on All Sears and Kmart Orders for Three Months! Combines with Cashback!

May 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Here’s a quick, easy, and FREE way to get free shipping on ALL orders from Sears and Kmart for the next three months — and this will not interfere with your receiving cash back from your favorite rewards program!  It’s a promotion for what used to be called ShipVantage, but they’ve renamed ShopYourWay Max.  Here’s how to get the free three month trial:

1. Go to Sears through your rewards program of choice
2. Page down to the banner talking about the ShopYourWay Max free three months offer. Add the offer to your cart, and apply promo code MAXFREE4
3. Continue shopping and add something, ANYTHING, to your cart. Get a cheap screwdriver, a roll of tape, etc.
4. Check out and your “filler” item will ship for free

…and voila! You’ll get free standard shipping on all orders for 3 months!  You can update to expedited shipping (like with Amazon Prime) for a small per-item fee.

Best thing:  it does NOT auto-renew, so you won’t get slapped with a $79 charge three months from now that you don’t remember signing up for!

You do not have to be a ShopYourWay Rewards member to be a part of ShopYourWay Max.  This is a completely separate program.  (Yes, it’s confusing.  No idea why they needed to change the name.)

The free three months is supposed to be a limited-time promotion, so grab it now if you’re interested.

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