Banned from MyCoupons!

April 28, 2004 · 0 comments

I joined the MyCoupons site in November 1999, and this morning, after over 4 years of conscientious contribution to the site, I was banned.
As I indicated in my post earlier this week about MyCoupons’ irresponsible practices, the site has clearly shown its true colors…that is, they are not there to help users, only to make money from users which they intentionally keep ignorant.
As of this writing, I have been given no explanation for why my account was banned. I have a guess, though. :)
Most likely they were made aware of my article calling them to task on their knowingly falsely advertising their SixQuestions link — I was banned mere minutes after someone posted a link to my site on theirs in response to the question, “Is there a website that gives information on rewards programs and how they work?” (Note, MC mod Ambrie said, “I don’t know of one.” Which she full well does. Another lie from MC. Am I shocked?)
That is, after all, MC’s modus operandi: keep the membership in the dark. Don’t let them know that they can earn a rebate by shopping through a rewards program instead of through their link. Don’t let them know about other sites that contain helpful information if there’s a chance it’ll divert “business” from their website. Don’t let them know other message forums even EXIST!
Delete references to the competition….don’t let people post, “Remember to go through a rewards program if you take care of this deal!”…delete messages that show they’re not telling the truth about a MC coupon…and when all else fails, delete a user who FOLLOWS THE RULES if they call you on the carpet for your misdeeds.
Sigh…MyCoupons, you’ve come a long way from the ground-breaking, premier website that online shoppers went to first for great deals and helpful information. Tsk, tsk…what a shame.

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