MyCoupons Fails to Act When Notified About Misleading Post/Coupon

April 26, 2004 · 0 comments

A few days ago, I saw a post on MyCoupons made by one of the forum moderators that said that people could earn EXTRA points by joining the Six Questions rewards program by clicking through their link. This simply isn’t true — you get 25 points to join and 50 points to confirm your email no matter what link you use to join Six Questions. Because I have butted heads with MC’s mods in the past and didn’t want to fight with them again, I bit my tongue (hard) and didn’t say anything. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I thought they were just misinformed and felt sure someone would correct their mistake.
Then when a user replied and said she was concerned that she didn’t get the points — she had used MC’s coupon link to join but the coupon text suggested a code was required, and she didn’t see one — I had to reply. I said, “Don’t worry about it, everybody gets 75 points to join; you don’t even need to go through MC’s link for it.”
Guess what? The mods deleted my response. And their original, UNTRUE, post is a sticky at the top of the forum.
This really ticks me off — it proves that they knew (or at least they NOW know) that they’re not telling the truth about their link being worth “extra” and will just delete anyone’s response that points it out.
Now, MyCoupons’ site is a business; I understand that. (Believe me. I’ve got an MBA. I’ve taken a business class or two, you might say.) They’ve put in tons of rules to make sure that people use their links to purchase any bargains they let us post about. BUT…it’s one thing to say, “please don’t post competitor sites,” and “no posting to say use a rewards program when you take advantage of this deal,” BUT it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT to intentionally allow a misleading ad to remain that on their site AND to delete any posts that indicate otherwise.
This is just bullshit, as far as I’m concerned.
There are MANY OTHER DEAL FORUMS out there, and yes, some of them do have strict rules, BUT they do not need to intentionally mislead you in order to get your business. The powers-that-be over at MC need to understand that, like any other forum, MC is only as good as its users. You can’t treat your users like crap and expect they’re going to keep coming back for more. It may take their forum becoming deserted for them to remember what got them there.
Don’t know any alternatives? Let me point you in the right direction:,,,, MagicClickClub,, (Funtasia’s),,,,,,,, (YourDailyFreebies), CyberTightwad.
If you have others, please respond and I will add them to this list. Am I over-reacting? You tell me. For me, it’s the last straw. I can’t take any more of their heavy-handed dictatorial bullshit. Protect your business interests, sure… but don’t continue to tell people, “You’ll earn extra points with our link” when you KNOW it’s not true.
Update, 4/28: After the MC mod who made the post responded to my inquiry about the falsity of their “extra points” claim with, “Any questions should be directed to SQ,” I did approach one of the owners of SixQuestions with my complaint yesterday. Today when I logged into MC, the post, and the coupon, had been changed and the words “extra points” removed. Two lessons from this: 1) The SixQuestions owners were conscientious and honorable enough to quickly address the falsehood of the claim, and 2) MC was unwilling to take the initiative to clarify it because it wasn’t in their financial best interest to do so. Kudos to SixQuestions… and shame on you, MyCoupons!
Update #2, April 28: After further consideration, I removed the word “LIED” from this post. I think MyCoupons actively mislead their users by deleting my response which pointed out the problem, and by not acting quickly to clear up the confusion over the offer. This is primarily what I’m complaining about, and I think my complaint is being ignored because of the inflammatory term “lied.”

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