SixQuestions Program Review

April 16, 2004 · 0 comments

SixQuestions Review
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Date Launched: March 2004
Reward Per Dollar Spent: No per-dollar shopping rewards but some flat-rate rewards through their MetaReward portal
Minimum to Redeem: 195,000 pts (for most $20 GCs)
Prizes Offered: Merchandise, GCs
Full Prize List:
Earn Points For: Logging in, opinion polls, completing or submitting quizzes, card games, referrals, MetaReward portal purchases and signups
Participating Merchants List: N/A (No per dollar shopping reward)
Limit One Account Per: Individual, age 13 or older, with unique email address. Members outside the U.S. pay shipping costs on redemptions.
Dollar Value of a Point: $0.0001
Daily “Free” Points: Around 12 for daily polls (3pts x 4 polls) + min of 25 for daily login (up to 100, see Notes below) = between 37 and 112
Value of those Free Points: Between .0037c (1/3c) and 1.12c
Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents: N/A (No shopping reward)
How Wagering on Quizzes Works: Several quizzes are posted daily, each lasts around 3 days. Before taking the quiz, you are asked to wager 1-200 points that you will get a perfect 6/6. If you get less than 6 correct, you lose your wager. You can get an estimate of winnings before taking the quiz; however, the actual amount you win will not be determined until after the quiz closes, as it is dependent on the total amount wagered by all players and the total number of perfect quizzes.
Notes: Earn 50 points for creating/verifying an account. Earn up to 100 points a day for logging in (25pts for your first login, then each day 1pt more up to 100). Earn 10,000 points for each quiz you submit that is accepted for publishing. The owners promise prizes will be shipped in 2-4 weeks but they expect it to be much faster in actual practice.
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