Sears Choice Rewards

April 14, 2004 · 0 comments

In addition to their standard credit card, Sears now offers a Gold Mastercard with an option to earn rewards on your purchases. (It’s $1 for the first year for the rewards option, and $25 per year afterward.) Is it worth it? How fast do you earn? What can you redeem for? Click MORE!

Sears Choice Rewards Program Review
How To Get The Card:
You must apply in-store at Sears. You must be financially able to qualify for a Mastercard.
How Does It Work?
Earn one point per dollar spent on purchases made with your Sears Gold Mastercard; purchases do not have to be made only at Sears. The minimum to redeem is 2,500 points for a $25 GC. Redemptions are made by calling 1-800-669-8488. Sears is currently offering two points per dollar on purchases made through May 31 and promises other bonus point offers in the future.
Is It Worth It?
If you charge a lot, especially if you pay your balances off in full, this is a good deal for the first year: Spent $2,501 the first year (less with double-points promotions) and get a $25 GC (basically a 1% rebate). In following years, the $25 annual fee makes it a lot more iffy — at that point you’ll have to charge $2,500 just to break even. There are other credit cards offering similar rewards that don’t have a fee. To clarify now: the Sears Gold Mastercard does NOT have a fee; but the Sears Choice Rewards program does.
List of Redemptions:
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