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April 7, 2004 · 0 comments

I’ve been clipping these things off my cereal boxes for years, and they’ve recently changed the way they handle point redemption. Let’s see if this is worth our time! Read on!

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Betty Crocker Points Program Review ** Update, 3/06: This program will be discontinued in 2006; more info here.
How You Earn Them
They’re found on the boxes of General Mills products, including GM cereals, Gold Medal Flour, Hamburger Helper, Pop Secret popcorn, and Nature Valley Granola Bars.
What Can You Get With Them
Discounts on merchandise sold from Betty Crocker’s online catalog, found at
How Does it Work?
The catalog used to sell items for two prices, a cash only price and a price with points. Now they’ve made it unnecessarily complicated, with THREE pricing levels: cash only, 10% off, and 25% off…and it’s not per item but based on the total cost of all your items. For 10% off, you just send in 25 points with your order. To get 25% off, the number of points you send in depends on your merchandise total:
Up to $50: send in 50 points
$50-100: 100 points
$100-150: 150 points
$150+: 250 points
Is It Worth It?
You tell me.
Betty Crocker’s Christmas Cookbook
At BC with the max point savings of 25% off: $14.99
Amazon’s price: $9.99
Pillsbury Complete Cookbook
At BC with the max point savings of 25% off: $19.49
Amazon’s price: $18.87
5-1/2 qt Le Creuset Round French Oven, Blue
At BC with 25% off: $131.24 ** ooh, BC does win this one!
Amazon’s price: $174.99
T-Fal 10.5″ Square Griddle
At BC with 25% off: $23.24
Amazon’s price: $19.99
So…with that one exception, I see absolutely no use for saving up points for those “discounts.”
Now I have a friend who SWEARS that she’s getting an awesome deal on Oneida flatware by using BC points. First off, you need to know that the Oneida flatware sets sold through BC are “made exclusively for Betty Crocker,” meaning that if you need to find replacements at some later time, you better hope BC still has them because they’re the only folks who sell those patterns. Second off, the prices aren’t that great compared to sets you can find elsewhere.
Oneida (18/8 stainless) 20pc Service for Four, Camelot or Clarette Patterns, with 25% through BC: $56.24
Oneida (18/8 stainless) 20 pc Service for Four, American Harmony or Sand Dune Patterns, regular Amazon price: $34.99
The Final Verdict
If you gotta clip something off those Betty Crocker brand packages, clip the Boxtops for Education…at least your school gets 10c each for those. The Betty Crocker points don’t get you anything you can’t get elsewhere for cheaper and with no clipping!
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Also — if you use Betty Crocker products, do you use Duncan Hines also? They have a rewards program also — read more about it here!

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