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April 7, 2004 · 0 comments

UPDATE: Kool-Aid Kool Points Discontinued! Read the announcement here, and find out how to redeem them for a limited time here!

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I’ve been saving these things since I was a little kid. Let’s find out if that was a total waste of time or if I have something really cool coming my way. Oh, yeah!!! Read on…

How Ya Get ‘Em
Kool Points are found on every package of Kool-aid.
What Can You Get With Them?
Merchandise from their online catalog, found here: http://www.kraftfoods.com/koolaid/2001/ka_all_stuff.html
How Much is a Point Worth?
Not much. At all. The points required have no relation to the value of the redemption…but strangely (not!) the shipping and handling does. Take VideoNow discs…they require 24 points each plus $1.75 s&h. Discs cost around $8 in the store, so figure $6 = 24 points, or $1 = 4 points. Right?
Nope. A Kool-Aid Kite…a basic red kite with the Kool-Aid man’s face on it… costs 100 points plus $1.75 s&h… Which at 4 points for a buck would come out to $26.75 shipped!
There’s no rhyme or reason to the “cost” of the items. I think they’re pretty much valued at what they’re charging you for S&H…plus maybe a dollar. (Except those Video Now discs…which look to be a pretty darned good deal!)
Is This Program Worth It?
On the whole…nope. You’re not getting something for nothing, and you’re not getting much of a reward at all for your Kool-Aid purchases. So if you see Country Time or Wyler’s at about the same price or maybe a little cheaper, but you were thinking, “Oh, but I get Kool-Aid Points for buying Kool-Aid”…. Go for the cheaper one!
Kool-Aid’s Website: http://www.kraftfoods.com/koolaid/ka_main.html
Want to contact Kraft Foods to complain about what few offerings they have for redeeming your Kool-Aid Points? Click here!

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