Blockbuster Rewards Review

April 7, 2004

Yep, I’m branching out to review some off-line rewards programs, and Blockbuster Rewards is my first. Want to see if it’s worth it? Read on!
p.s. If you’re trying to register to activate Freebie Tokens, please go to!

Blockbuster Rewards Review
$9.95 plus tax per year
What Ya Get
1. A coupon for one free non-new release VHS or DVD rental per month, no other purchase required
2. Rent any movie on a Mon-Wed., get a free non-new release VHS or DVD rental free.
3. Rent five full-priced movies or games within a month, get one (unrestricted) movie OR game rental free! (max of 2/month)
Is It Worth It?
Well, assume the non-new release videos cost $3 at your local store. $3×12 (1 free non-new tape a month)=$36 worth of movies for $10. Not bad. Then factor in the rent-one-get-ones. That’s pretty sweet. We don’t watch a lot of movies during the week, but rather than going in on Friday and getting an older movie for the kids…do it on Wed. You still get to keep it for a week, PLUS you get a free rental. And in the summertime, we’re all over this deal! The rent-5-get-one-free is another nice perk.
The Final Analysis
A great value for $10 for the 12 free (older) movies alone (especially if you have kids). Definitely worth the price!
Blockbuster’s Website:
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