Memolink’s Latest Stall Tactic

April 4, 2004 · 0 comments

Man, how bad must it suck to be Memolink! Instead of just PAYING PEOPLE WHAT THEY OWE THEM, now Memolink is stalling making payments by requiring proof of ID of members who had multiple accounts in their household. Up until Feb. 10 of this year, this was NOT against their terms of service. Folks with multiple accounts per household before that time are supposed to be grandfathered in…but at what cost? Apparently the cost is that after waiting for months to get to the top of the payment queue, then you’re stalled even longer by their insistence that you provide proof of ID…and not just for yourself but for EVERYONE registered in your household!
Here is a copy of a letter Memolink sent to one of their members. Let’s take this apart piece by piece, shall we?
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 1:50 PM
Subject: Memolink has responded to your submission
Dear Memolink Member:
This is an email to let you know that It has come to our attention that there are multiple accounts in your household.
It has come to your attention? What a COINCIDENCE it just came to your attention as this member was being processed for payment… a payment he had requested over SIX MONTHS AGO, I might add.
While we did accept multiple accounts per household when you registered, we will still need verification that all people listed for your address do live there, and are over 18.
You do? Hmm…Where is that in the terms of service? And if this is a requirement, why aren’t you asking that of EVERYONE with multiple accounts? Isn’t the timing of this request a little…coincidental?
Before we can ship any other prizes to your home, we will need verification from everyone who currently maintains a Memolink account including yourself. You may provide us with any of the following forms of verification:
1) State issued driver’s license with current address
2) State issued ID with current address
3) Any utility statement in YOUR NAME with current address
4) Any credit card billing statement (with all confidential information
blacked out, of course) in YOUR NAME with current address
Hmmm…how about a nonpayment report filed against you with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, would that qualify??
You may fax or mail any one of these pieces of information to:
Attn: Address Verification
7596 W. Jewell Ave., Ste. 104
Lakewood, CO 80232
Fax: 303.985.0328
Attn: Address Verification
If we do not receive proper verification within two weeks of this email, we will be forced to terminate all accounts listed to this address.
They don’t WANT to, but they would be FORCED to not pay you what they owe you! Darnit, you know they WANT to pay you, but you just have to sign your name in blood, provide a DNA sample, climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and bring back the tailfeather of the nearly extinct crested dodo bird…
Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
(chuckle) Yeah, right.
If your verification is sent via facsimile, please allow at least 24-48 hours to process the information.
Mike Robertson
Member Support
Memolink, Inc.
Mike Robertson? A new guy? Dude! You definitely want to check a company out before you go to work with them. A simple Google search for Memolink, Memolink Sucks, Memolink Scam, David Asseoff, etc etc, would have shown you all you need to know about the company to realize you’re committing career suicide. Get on like NOW, before you have too long of a gap in employers you CAN list on your resume and have to explain where you were all the time you’ve been doing Memolink’s dirty work!
But I digress.
Based on this latest line of BS, I have a new suggestion for all Memolink members with multiple accounts signed up at your household. Send all this info to Memolink at once, even if they haven’t asked you to send it. Don’t wait for them to use this as another excuse to hold off on paying you. And if you do have any, um, less than legitimate accounts at ML (shame on you!), request that they be deleted. You don’t have to explain why; a simple, “Please delete my account,” works fine.

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