Sears to Change KidVantage Club Benefits

April 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Sears has had its Shop Your Way Rewards program in place for a few years now, and has simultaneously continued to offer their KidVantage club for kids’ clothes.  But changes are coming, according to an email sent to Shop Your Way Rewards members yesterday.

They say that “a whole new KidVantage is on the way,” and as part of these changes, they will be discontinuing their Wear-Out Guarantee as of June 1.  (They’ll continue to honor it on previous purchases but not going forward.)

KidVantage gives parents a 15% off coupon via register printout every time they’ve accumulated $100 or more in purchases of kids’ clothes and shoes.  The Wear-Out Guarantee promised to replace for free any any kids’ shoes or clothes item worn out before they were grown out of, with an identical or similar item.

ShopYourWay Rewards is a free rewards program offered jointly by Sears and Kmart that awards points per dollar spent online or in-store, redeemable for store credit.  Their standard rate is 10 points per dollar, with 1,000 points = $1.  (In other words, a 1% reward.)  Occasional promotions offer a higher rate on specific categories of goods.

ShopYourWay Rewards benefits are paid on top of any online or credit-card based cashback shopping rewards.

Parents, “upcoming program changes” is usually a catchphrase that means, “they’re about to change for the worse.”  If you had some shopping to do for the kids and were planning to do it at Sears, I’d definitely get it done before June 1st.

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