Finally…Some Good News! DollarForAction

February 21, 2004 · 0 comments

A new paid mail program is out by the same folks who run 2 of my 5 “keeper” paid mail programs. It’s called DollarForAction, and it looks and feels exactly like its sister sites, CashForAction and NetsReward. No paid clicks on the site itself, but they’ll send us email for cash, or points that convert to cash, and you can cash out each month by requesting it before the 5th. There’s a one-cent payment minimum (which basically is NO minimum, because most emails are worth a cent or maybe .8 of a cent). These guys are very reliable and though I haven’t earned a TON of money with them, I cash out every other month for about $1.50. And they don’t inundate you with a whole lot of emails, just a couple, not even every day…so it’s not a whole lot of clicking involved.
Yay!! I’m really happy about this! If you want to give it a shot, my link is here. And if you’re not in their other two programs, CashForAction and NetsReward, please consider joining those two, too!

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