Give Me a Friggin’ Break, MyCoupons!

January 31, 2004 · 0 comments

According to this post – – now on MyCoupons’ deal forums, you are not allowed to post a deal and follow it with “remember to shop through such-and-such rewards programs to get your rebate.” They consider that to be advertising. (?)
MyCoupons’ forums have become less and less responsive to meeting its users needs and more focused on making money for its parent company. See, if you follow up a deal post with “hey, don’t forget to go through Ebates for an extra 4% back!”, then you won’t shop through MC’s link…and they won’t receive any money. Forget the fact that WE don’t get paid for shopping through MC. Only MC does.
MyCoupons has long had a reputation of being THE premier source of information for online deals. They have been around quite a long time (I’ve been a member there myself since ’99). But the level of censorship there has grown to a point where it’s simply not a viable forum for sharing information USEFUL TO ITS MEMBERS. Maybe it’s arrogance, maybe it’s tighter budgets and more competition, but this is simply ridiculous and it’s getting to the point where the only posts allowed are going to be ads for MyCoupons’ shopping links.
My suggestion is that if you want information USEFUL TO YOU, versus info that will only lead to profits for MyCoupons, you seek out other forums that allow more free flow of information. Perhaps when MyCoupons’ staff sees that its progressively restrictive posting rules are frightening off users, they will become more responsive to their USERS’ needs.
If you have other forum suggestions, please post their links below in a comment.

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