Paid-To Program Reviews (aka PTRs or paid email)

January 14, 2004 · 0 comments

For the last two years, I’ve devoted this site to reviewing rewards programs and posting the latest news. But after reading so much about paid-to-read (aka paid-email or PTR or PTC) programs, I wanted to check into them. I mean, they ARE a form of rewards program, I guess.
Anyway, I’ve spent about 8 months in it, and tried out 40 or 50 of them, and the results are in. Wanna see which ones make the cut as being worthwhile? Read on!

In alphabetical order:
1. CashForAction – Some cash mails, some points that convert to cash. Request payout between the 1st and 5th of the month and get paid a week later. No minimum payout! Paid $2.35 on 9/20 and $2.70 on 12/9. Here’s my link to join, thanks!
2. EmailsForAds – Emails are worth cash and points, also cash and point PTCs on the site. Minimum payout is $5. Was paid $5.00 and $6.19, and received cashout within a few days of requesting it! VERY nice and hard-working webmaster! Here’s my link to join, thanks!
3. Netsreward – Sister site to CashForAction, works the same. Have been paid, $1.28 on 9/17, and $2.03 on 12/12. Here’s my link to join, thanks!
4. SantasPaidEmails – A new program with a funny and generous WM. Payout is high, $60, but lots of random payouts — I got one, $4.51. Contests every day, for cash and ptcs, too! Here’s my link to join, thanks!
5. ShanesRockinMail – All members get a free PTR ad monthly! 7 referral levels. Was paid $45.08, within 2 weeks of requesting it! $25 payout minimum. Here’s my link to join, thanks!
There are a few other programs that I just can’t recommend yet because I haven’t been paid. I’ll update this if/when I get paid by them. Have fun!

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