Spend $1, get $25

November 11, 2003 · 0 comments

Just a reminder that this offer is still in effect! Make an easy $25!
INGDirect has extended its Referral Bonus savings account program — so if you didn’t get in on this before, there’s still time!
If you get a referral from an existing customer (that’s me!) and open a savings account with as little as a buck, they’ll deposit an extra $25 bonus into your account! You have to wait 30 days to cash out the bonus, but that’s still quicker than you’ll get a reward from most rewards programs!! Set up a second account for your spouse and take advantage of the offer twice!! Send me your name and email addy, and I’ll get the referral email to you right away. It contains the details on the offer and on the company. Gimme $25!!
Signup takes 5 minutes or so, and is just like signing up for Paypal — your INGDirect savings account is linked to your checking account (deposits and withdrawals go through it). So all you need is your checkbook (for that pesky routing number) and it’s a snap to sign up!
You DO have to get a referral from an existing customer to get the $25 bonus, so please click on the above link and I’ll get it to you asap. l’ll also be glad to answer any questions you have on the offer or on INGDirect (an FDIC-approved bank). I’ve already gotten my $25…Thanks for letting me refer you!

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