Memolink Continues to Shaft Members

November 4, 2003 · 0 comments

The Memolink program, which has a bad reputation for ridiculous delays in sending prize redemptions, continues to show that their reputation is well-deserved.
A reader here was kind enough to pass along the email he received from ML after inquiring about a long-overdue redemption — a Webcertificate he redeemed for in mid-May that still has not arrived. In their response, below, Tim Stephens of ML Customer Support says that the prize will be sent “in the next couple of months.” Excuse me? It’s been 5.5 months already!! Then they have the gall to request that he not send any more emails on this matter until December?!
Is there any other rewards program that treats its members so shabbily? And continues to be in business??
Click MORE for the full text of the letter from Memolink.

—– Original Message —–
To: xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.COM
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 5:53 PM
Subject: Memolink has responded to your submission
> Your Request:
> Almost 10 weeks now since my WebCertificate was supposedly sent for
redemption, and still nothing (and no reply to my last inquiry either).
What’s the deal?
> Memolink’s response:
> Dear xxxx:
> Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, our summer orders have been
delayed. We know this disappointing news, but rest assured you will
your prize(s). Please understand that we are working hard to ship
prizes in the next couple of months. We will be sending you an update
regarding your prize order(s) and when you can expect them to arrive.
update will be sent to your email address around Dec. 1, and will
information on prizes that have been filled and prizes that are not yet
filled from earlier this year.
> Memolink is growing rapidly and we are in the process of upgrading
prize fulfillment and fraud protection processes so that 2004 prize
are handled in a much more timely manner.
> Again, we understand your concern, but we ask that you refrain from
sending emails regarding these prizes until you have received our
update in
December. Have a nice day.
> Sincerely,
> Tim Stevens
> Member Support
> Memolink, Inc.
> If you have any other questions or concerns, please use this link:

> ——————————————————————-
> PLEASE NOTE: Email replies to this message will be ignored. Please
use the
link above to respond to this message.

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