February 26, 2002

PCHPoints Program Review NOTE: Site closing; earn through 11/30/05; redeem through 1/15/06; see news links below

Please click here to join.

Date Launched: 2002
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Redeem: 5,000 pts ($5 Burger King GC)
Prizes Offered: GCs, cash, Webcertificates
Full Prize List: http://www.pchpoints.com/bin/prizes.cfm

Earn Points For: Shopping, signups, website visits, surveys, trivia, referrals

Participating Merchants List: http://www.pchpoints.com/bin/shop.cfm

Limit One Account Per: US Resident 18+ with valid email address
Dollar Value of a Point: Varies a lot: Approximately $0.0012 for most GCs, $0.00098 for SuperCerts, $0.000941 for WCs or cash

Daily “Free” Points: About 31

Value of those Free Points: About 3.8c/day

Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents:
10 Points Per Dollar = 1.22%
15 Points Per Dollar = 1.83%
20 Points Per Dollar = 2.44%
25 Points Per Dollar = 3.05%
30 Points Per Dollar = 3.66%
Notes:(1) “PCHPoints is a rewards program provided by Memolink, Inc….PCHPoints is managed and serviced exclusively by Memolink, Inc. and all transactions while participating in the PCHPoints program are between the participant and Memolink.”
(2) Memolink is currently having financial problems. PCHPoints changed its daily “free” points immediately after Memolink did in Jan 04. I would be cautious about holding a large point balance there.
(3) 6/03: Got a note from a user (Ravenval) who got paid within a week of cashing out! Ravenval’s Site
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