Platinum Credit Card Perks

October 29, 2003 · 0 comments

This is a little off-topic, but…My laptop completely died on me, and of course, it’s out of warranty. New laptops are much cheaper these days, but still around $900 for one with the specs I’d want. I was THISCLOSE to sucking it up and ordering a new computer, when I remembered hearing someone say that purchases on a platinum credit card were eligible for extended warranty coverage. I checked up on it and sure enough…my computer’s warranty was 1 year, but since I bought it on a platinum card, it’s covered for TWO! So now my computer either gets fixed free, or if the estimate is 70% or more of the original purchase price, I get a new one. Whoo-hoo! Just thought I’d mention this and suggest that you make all your major electronics purchases with a platinum card!

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