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Update, 4/04: I see I’m getting TONS of hits from folks infected with the AIFIND browser hijacker and searching for a way to ditch it. Go NOW to — scan down the page to the Unable to Download section, and download CWShredder. This is what we used to make aifind / coolwebsearch go away.
I’ve still got a nasty virus and I can’t do anything on my computer until it’s fixed — I’m using my mom’s machine now.
AVOID AT ALL COSTS a search engine called AIFIND.COM — two of their affiliates are spreading a browser hijacker that, no matter what url you type in, sends you to their AIFIND affiliate portal at XWEBSEARCH.BIZ — the name of the portal is Cool Web Search.
The company that owns AIFIND.COM is in Scottsdale, AZ. They refused to answer any questions, so I referred the issue to the Scottsdale Police Dept., who sent me to the FBI. I filed a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center and they are supposed to be contacting the local FBI office in Arizona.
The bad guys who run this portal, though, are most likely not Americans. XWEBSEARCH.BIZ is registered in Estonia (where IS that, anyway?). But the fact is, AIFIND.COM is a US company, and they’re going to have to cooperate with law enforcement to cut off the accounts of these two affiliates.
The web browser hijacker is new, it’s insidious, and it can’t be weeded out easily. A site called has some info on it (they call it the Cool Web Search Chronicles) — the program (virus, trojan, whatever ya call it) has been mutating and spreading since I think April. The form I have is a new mutation (hey, lucky me!).
If you have the virus, you probably aren’t reading this. You can’t GET to any other website when your browser keeps friggin’ redirecting to these assholes. We’ve tried every program we can think of to get rid of it, and it won’t go away. I have no suggestions for you whatsoever if you have it.
If you DO start getting redirected to Cool Web Search and you’re not using a web-based email, please mail me here at and let me know. Maybe by pooling info we can figure out how this thing got onto our computers.
Take care and hope to talk to you again in the next few days.

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