Memogold = Hush Money

August 21, 2003 · 0 comments

Update, 2/04: I think I called this one correctly in light of Memolink’s latest email reducing benefits to Memogold members. Didn’t get that email? Read it here:
Memolink unveiled its new program, Memogold, to a select group of its members this week. To be eligible for the program, you must be someone they’ve previously stiffed, uh, I mean been unable to fulfill their redemption request. Which is darned near everybody who’s ever tried to redeem with them, I think. I wouldn’t know (sniff), seeing how I’ve only been able to accumulate 1,200 points with them over the course of my 2.5 year membership.
The idea is, if you’ve been long overdue for a redemption, they give you membership in this elite club where you earn a little extra for your activities. (I COULD say something like, um, “110% of nothing is still nothing,” but that would be cynical, wouldn’t it?
And to keep getting these wonderful exclusive benefits, you must earn 10,000 points in a 6 month period. Hey, you WERE planning to spend $5,000 at within the next 6 months, weren’tcha?
Let’s just come out and call this what it is…Memogold is “hush money” it’s paying to placate the members they’ve been screwing over the course of months and months. Instead of just sending you what you’re owed, they’re going to give you the opportunity to earn more points and give you the illusion of having some kind of status…keeping you quiet while they rope more clueless newbies into the program.
Just my opinion.

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