‘Bye, Prima…Permanently?

August 14, 2003

After months and months of unfulfilled promises to return and make his site current, Scott Hammond, Sr. has apparently pulled the plug on Primarewards.com. Is it permanent, or is this part of his latest promise – to revamp Prima but to not honor redemptions immediately (or not at 100%)?

Who knows. Who cares? Well, the people owed a whole lot probably do… but let’s face it, the warning signs have been there for 9 months or so, and anyone continuing to try to earn points through Prima’s been in serious denial. I feel your pain, but let’s write it off as a bad business debt and just move on…and at least get some solace in the fact that no more newbies are being taken in/lead on by the promises in the site’s terms and FAQs.

And in the meantime, should Scott actually be in the process of creating a bionic rewards program, “better than it was before…better, stronger, faster”, um, how did that saying go about, “fool me once, shame on you…”…? ;)

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