No More eBay Cashback? Temporarily

June 6, 2011 · 0 comments

Where can I earn cashback for buying on eBay? Soon, nowhere…at least, not for a while.

Cashback/points sites have been notified by eBay that as of next week (MyPoints says on 6/16) they’ll be “temporarily” deactivated as eBay tries out some different things marketing-wise.

How long this freeze-out is going to last isn’t clear.

If you were planning to make a big purchase through eBay and had expected to receive cashback, get your eBay order in by June 15th! The best cashback rates right now are 3% cashback (up to a max of $30 per order) through MrRebates on winning bids or BINs, or 4 points per dollar (2.9%) through MyPoints plus a 200 point bonus ($1.45) if you make two or more eBay purchases before the deadline.  See either site for a few restrictions (including eBay motors and charity auctions).

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