Score One for CompareRewards’ Dispute Resolution Program!

July 17, 2003 · 2 comments

I’ve been as frustrated as a lot of y’all when it comes to customer service with some of the rewards programs. Sometimes it seems like you’re just hitting brick walls, getting automated responses or none at all. It struck me that it sure would be great if there was some kind of dispute resolution program – where an intermediary could get the facts about a dispute and forward them to the correct person, a personal contact, within a rewards program for review.
On June 11, Kerry G., a nice lady who was very frustrated with her experiences with Netflip posted a comment on the site. She’d been waiting since Feb 28 for a $76 check and had gotten nowhere with NF’s customer service.
I thought about a friend (hope he won’t mind me calling him that! hehe) who works for Netflip and I forwarded her comment to him. My buddy (who doesn’t want to be named) took it from there.
Kerry emailed me yesterday to say about 3 weeks after I sent her letter to my contact, she got her Netflip check in the mail. Whoo-hoo!
So, first I want to say a big-ol’ thanks to my contact at Netflip. Dunno what ya did, but thanks for your part in getting this lady paid!
And second, I want to post an open letter asking anyone who either works at a rewards program, or knows somebody behind the scenes at one, to please fire me off an email ( and let me know if you’re willing to work with me (or SOMEONE) to help resolve some long outstanding disputes.
And if you’re a user and you have a comment on whether this program would be useful, an idea about how it could be set up, etc…please respond by leaving a comment. Thanks, and I appreciate your visiting

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reilly100 July 18, 2003 at 11:31 am

This could be most useful!! I’ve spent monthes if not years straighting out problems with different Reward sites. I have sent emails to whoever i could find with no results.


Littleb August 7, 2003 at 2:42 am

This would be great. I could use some help. Can’t get any response from blink.


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